International clients

Legal Lounge services its clients also in English. Throughout the years we have had the priviledge of serving a wide-range of international clients, both foreigners living in Finland as well as families expanding over country borders. Cross-border custody cases as well as divisions of marital assets are typical cases for our international clients, and with our client experiences we have become familiar with several foreign laws, such as the Islamic Family law in the UAE.

Legal Lounge as a law firm

We offer private clients legal services specializing in family and criminal law as well as immigration issues. Our attorneys are members of the Finnish Bar Association and lawyers are  licensed with the Board of Licensed Legal Counsels of Finland. We work as litigators and advisors in dispute resolution in legal proceedings in and outside the courtroom and represent and assist clients in preliminary police investigations.

Both our partners are fluent in English. Our founding partner Marja Välilä was raised abroad with attendance at several international schools and has also studied law in South Africa, making servicing of international clients natural to our firm.

We encourage you to seek legal advice and, together with legal professionals, find a solution to your unique situation. We charge an hourly fee 285-350 €/h for legal services. Find out and know your rights in Finland, and come and meet us at Legal Lounge.